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Princess Suite

Recently, on a weekend jaunt to Amelia Island & Fernadina Beach, I had the pleasure of spending time with this guy:

The Professor prepares for a our August Trip to Fernadina Beach.

Travel Man aka The Professor! Let’s take a moment to fully absorb The Professor’s ensemble.  Its Effortless-Sporty-Vintage-with a touch of Rastafari.  If I tried to wear something like that, it would be tragic, but he makes it work.  Unfair.  And yes, that is a spray bottle-misting-fan in the side pocket of his backpack-cooler combo.

The backpack-cooler combo was purchased by The Professor’s Mother for their family vacation to the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta.  The Professor said he will never forget that trip and really enjoyed the handball competition and cheering for the USA (and Jamaica). Ironically, 1996 Atlanta was just about as hot Amelia Island + Fernadina Beach.  God Bless the USA and the backpack-cooler combo that efficiently held ice water!

Another side note: The Professor consistently throws together interesting outfits that literally are “effortless” because he chooses his clothing with no discretion.  He has collected t-shirts, hats and accessories throughout his life that all have one thing in common: they were free.  Although it can be irritating to me, and I’d prefer not to admit it, most of the time he makes it work.

Anyway, while his outfit might look silly, he was seriously prepared for North Florida’s August heat. Its been blazing this month, with heat index values in the 110 degree range and Murphy’s Law that the hottest month of the year coincides with my month off, the month we’ve waited for to do a bit of traveling.

We went to Amelia Island & Fernadina Beach to hear a favorite band, Klob, perform at a beach festival.  Word to the wise – don’t plan a beach festival for mid-August! The lead singer’s iPhone actually gave off a temperature warning during one of their songs as it sat on his keyboard. It was that hot. I took no photos of this part of our trip because it was that hot.  We drank the entire contents of the backpack-cooler combo during that concert because it was that hot.  We didn’t even use the spray bottle-misting-fan because it was that hot.

Luckily we had time to cool down in one of the most memorable hotel rooms I’ve ever experienced.  Stay tuned…



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