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Transition isn’t something I’ve ever been comfortable with.  I am a classic Taurian in that I prefer my life remain constant, so the New Year in general makes me completely neurotic.  The foundation of my life is my family and home and the reiteration of the idea that it’s the perfect time to CHANGE my life is not something I welcome. I am fine where I am, thank you.  My classic Taurian stubbornness could be a factor here too.

That said, this year, as an alternative to developing “resolutions”, I’ve come up with the idea of trying to establish new rituals in my daily life.  What is the difference between “ritual” vs. “resolution”, you ask?  A lack of pressure.  Resolutions, to me, are so binding.  They force one to CHANGE, and we all know how I feel about that.  Rituals, on the other hand, to me, are small ways to appreciate and enjoy the life one already lives and create meaning in everyday motions.  Taking extra time to inject sanctity into one’s natural rhythms is a very powerful exercise.  At least for me it is.

One of the new rituals I’ve adopted this year is to cherish what I find right outside my door. Luckily for me, my backyard is the beach. I’ve been an oceangoer since birth. No matter how much I might wish for elevation, mountains or snow, in my bones, I am a beach baby.  I figure I need to refrain from thinking about what my reality doesn’t offer, and concentrate on what my reality actually IS.  For every point of interest I might feel this town lacks, it makes up for in its natural beauty, waterways and ecology.  My mom always said that she had the most beautiful commute in the world. Her 2 mile drive from home to studio crossed an expanse of causeways, passing by species of birds and aquatic life completely specific to this locale.  There is so much beauty in that, and I agree.

So, on New Years weekend, I spent more time on the beach than I did from August-December 2011 and I really enjoyed it. The salt was so good for my soul and uplifted my mood.  I snapped the photo above on the walk through the dunes to beach access.  This is a ritual I can get used to.

What are your thoughts on “ritual” vs. “resolution”?


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