the journey, the process

This is a series of photographs documenting the progression of a painting by the Pennsylvania artist Reed Dixon.  Its interesting to see the technical process of his paintings and how they develop into his vision.  I’m fascinated in every step, from the beginning to the end… the intricate pencil sketch that serves as the “skeleton”, the different washes of color, the textures and how all of these steps transform the composition.   His process definitely showcases the play between right brain and left brain.

What I do is imagery. By that I mean the end result is not necessarily a study of the subject, but how I feel or think the image should look in the end. I arrive at that image most of the times when that little art voice in my head says “STOP”.”

– Reed Dixon

I’d love to paint/draw like this.  But the idea of creating streetscapes with such detail and the proper proportion is incredibly intimidating, so I live vicariously through Reed!  I am also lucky enough to have been gifted some of his “tapescapes”… they are part of my small, personal collection of art.  I’ve known Reed since the day I was born.

His process encourages me to pursue life in the same way he creates art: practically and methodically but led by creativity and intuition.


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