my god

My barometer of the collective consciousness or mood of people around me is Facebook.  Status updates can be very telling and usually there seems to be a common theme or tone.  Of course, factors like the day of the week or month tend to affect people’s outlooks too.  For instance, my wall is usually berated with “bad day” or “why, me, why?” updates on Mondays and proclamations of the love of happy hour on Fridays (“margaritas!” or “beer, glorious beer”). Overall, it is interesting to observe the pulse of emotions that filter through social networks.

I’ve noticed a more broad trend over the past few months in relation to spirituality on Facebook.  More than before, it appears people are turning to the Divine for solace, answers or affirmation in general.  I’ve noticed my Christ-following friends to be at the forefront of this, posting testaments and prayer requests multiple times per day.  As a person who believes in the connection between thoughts and reality and the auspiciousness of the year we are in currently, I find this to be interesting but not surprising.

From an astrological perspective, the year 2012 is powerful on almost every plane, culminating with the end of a 26,000 year cycle when the galactic equator aligns with the ecliptic at 0 capricorn on December 21, 2012.  This is the date that has sparked apocalyptic predictions and mania ~ the end of the world, as we know it.

I feel a strong sense that change is on the horizon. Personally, I do not feel the planet will explode, implode or disappear.  I don’t take the predictions literally, but I do believe there is an opportunity to activate on a different spiritual level happening as we speak.  Lately too, I feel almost as though I’m spinning around, or moving quickly, as though I am more in tune with the turning of the Earth on its axis.  And being more aware of my place on Earth is not a bad thing, although I will admit there is a lingering sense of urgency/anxiety in my core.  I’ve been trying to direct these feelings in a positive way, channeling my anxiousness or fears proactively into breathing exercises, physical exercise, yoga and cooking.  I often think of Alice in Wonderland lately, particularly the caterpillar’s notorious query ~ “who are you?”  I’m not sure I know, but I believe I’m closer to figuring it out and I’ve been catapulted by an energy that is bigger than me.

Back to Facebook. My Christian friends who are vocal on Facebook seem to be expressing a similar feeling or sense of urgency, akin to what I feel.  I notice themes of “surrender” or “giving it up” to God.  I see a ton of prayer requests.  I notice Christians “saying it” aloud ~ putting their trust into God or essentially releasing worries, fears or negativity into God’s hands.  Ultimately, these people are trusting their lives are in total control by releasing themselves to the Diving, the ultimate, the truth.

The astrologist I follow expresses her opinions eloquently: “the meaning of the word apocalypse is ‘the lifting of the veil’.  the end of this year can be a time where the Truth is known to all.  what Truth?  some speculate the Truth of life from other planets, the Truth of what our governments are not telling us, the Truth of our own Divinity.  who knows?  maybe it’s all of the above.  i personally am not making any predictions about 12/21.  all i know/feel in my heart is that it is NOT the end of the world.  maybe the end of the world as we know it- meaning the entire structure upon which we have built our lives (personally and collectively) needs to radically change.  but i do not believe the world is going to explode or that we are all going to die in some horrific cataclysm.  i could be wrong- who knows?  but honestly i feel that a lot of the ascension talk is polarizing and splitting.  it’s keeping us stuck in good versus evil, dark versus Light, us versus them.  i think the most powerful thing that can happen on this date is that we all see the Truth of ourselves and the Truth of the world around us.  this is my wish for humanity- and for myself!”

The world could use some change, so I say we hold on, release and wait for the amazing possibilities of what 2012 could be.  Hopefully we can all recognize that we are spiritual beings searching for the answers and solace we innately crave.  The Divine, when viewed through different lenses, is simply the same image.  It is the essence of what Christians, Muslims, Mayans and Hindus seek.  Everyone, everything, is interconnected.


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