your home is your castle

The home is, in many ways, a sacred place.  The daily rituals of life that take place inside of it, the care one takes to make it a sanctuary… in a lot of ways, it is a holy place.  In this case, the home actually is a church.  How would you feel about living in a refurbished chapel?

On a trip to the Smoky Mountain’s in November, we made a long drive down an intimidatingly windy road (my dad did the driving, thankfully) into the Cataloochee Valley to see elk.  Its a scary trip down, but the rewards are big.  We saw many, many elk, grazing on dew soaked grass.  There was moody morning fog, filtered light, a cemetery and  the century-old Palmer Chapel.  If a confederate solider would have appeared in front of me, I wouldn’t have been surprised.  This place had old, old energy.   I keep thinking of that chapel as I look through these photos.  There was such a presence there, I really can’t imagine turning it into a home.  I wonder about the history of this church-home in Australia?

I found these photos via Pinterest via  I’m a big fan of both.  Lots of inspiration to be found. That is a good thing.

When its all said and done, I really do love the idea of using repurposed buildings as dwelling spaces. A reinvented space with personality trumps brand new anytime, in my book,
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